Home Opener – Havoc vs Ice Flyers

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Havoc vs Ice Flyers – November 9, 2018 – Home Opener and SPHL Champion banner raising and ring ceremony! This was such a cool and emotional night. This was my first banner raising ceremony and it was amazing to see the guys recognized for their hard work last season. I decided I couldn’t let the chance to take pictures go to waste.

Some I’m happy with, some I’m not. I realized after importing all 969 pictures(!!!) into my photo editing software that I had somehow changed my camera settings and my photos didn’t get saved as RAW files, which made these hard to edit. I’m not thrilled with the blurry faces either but I am happy that I was able to capture the incredible night and get some action photography practice in! Feel free to click on photos to enlarge them. Enjoy!

Huntsville Havoc President’s Cup Parade

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Huntsville Havoc hosted a parade on Tuesday May 1, celebrating the President’s Cup win. I decided to take my camera with, even though I still haven’t invested in a zoom. I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. It was so great seeing how excited the guys were. They have worked so hard this season and deserved this championship.

Feel free to click on photos to make them larger.