LA and Hawaii

Remember that time I went to Hawaii and never posted photos? Well, you probably don’t remember because that was during the time I wasn’t blogging much and after my trip to NJ/NYC in September 2016 I didn’t do much in the way of posting. Crazy on my part really when you consider I took a two week trip to freaking Hawaii! On Friday night when I posted the previous entry I realized this little fact and decided to rectify this situation. I wasn’t really sure how many pictures I should share but here we go, we’ll see what happens…

My trip started out in LA, where I spent a couple of days doing a bit of touristy stuff, Grauman’s being my favorite. I took tons of pictures of hand and footprints but I’m only sharing my absolute favorites. I’ve always been a huge fan of Paul Newman so I made it my mission to find his and Joanne’s first! Then I had to find the Harry Potter cast, obviously.

We also went into Madame Tussaud’s because I’ve always wanted to check it out. I really hoped I’d have time to go when I was in NYC the month prior to this trip but there was just so much we wanted to do that we vetoed the idea. I was hoping to see the *NSYNC wax figures but they are obviously less popular now and weren’t in residence. Which makes me wonder…where do the old wax figures go when they stop displaying them? They did have a Justin Timberlake but my photo with him is less than stellar so I’m skipping it here. However, it’s probably on my Instagram.

Adele. Obviously.

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TBEX Huntsville Alabama

This weekend there is a little travel bloggers conference happening in Huntsville Alabama. When I call it “little” I’m being somewhat sarcastic because it is far from little. The TBEX conference is around 500 people and occurs all over the world and showcases speakers from various aspects of travel, seminars, classes, and a plethora of other fun activities. It’s pretty darn amazing.

I managed to snap a few photos of today’s lunch before the masses poured in. Let me tell you, it all looked incredible. Theme stations, from southern fare to pasta and pizza. That banana pudding looked mighty good to me but I did not try it, though I was sorely tempted. I’m trying to be good lately, you know. I have proudly lost 15 pounds since December. But that’s another story for another time.

Seeing this conference made me want to be a travel blogger. I love seeing and taking photos of different parts of the world. Can you even imagine the amazing places these people have been able to explore? It has to be awe inspiring. I couldn’t do it all the time, as a full-time job, but I would love to be able to travel more and share those experiences here. My passport has not been used enough!

On my travel wish list: (international) Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Italy, Greece; (domestic) Seattle Washington, NYC, Orlando Florida.

Do you have a travel wish list? What’s on it?

A day in NYC


I spent Labor Day weekend visiting my oldest friend, Kelly, and celebrating her sons first birthday. I flew into EWR on Thursday and we just relaxed and had yummy pizza for dinner. Then on Friday we went to NEW YORK CITY, since I’d never been and Kelly hadn’t made the trip in a long while. We took the ferry from NJ and I walked 23,000 steps in the course of our travels. We visited the National Museum of American Indians, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square. We ate an early dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner, which was such a fun place to eat! The wait staff sing as they serve you. It was a great way for us to enjoy the talented folks of NYC since we didn’t have time for a broadway show (NEXT TIME!). We also ended up in Harlem (because we took the wrong subway line) and walked more than half the distance of Central Park before giving up and getting back on the subway lol it was cool to see another part of the city though and the weather was amazing. I had such a great time with in NYC and in NJ. I can’t wait to go back.

I’m sharing a few photos and two vlogs in this post.


sunset on nyc





lady liberty

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Weekend recap #2

I’m a little behind on this but I had a busy weekend that was pretty much glorious. I drove to Atlanta (my first road trip alone) to meet my best friend. We had tickets for the Picasso at the Wheel 2015 tour Friday night and The Main Event 2015 tour Saturday night. It was lots of driving and staying up late and listening to music and fangirling and very little sleep. Did I mention it was glorious?!

Matt Nathanson, Isaac Slade, Pat Monahan

It’s no secret that I love concerts so it was a perfect weekend. I’ve been lucky enough to see Train live multiple times but I was super excited about seeing them, The Fray and Matt Nathanson on Friday. Unfortunately we missed Matt because we arrived late but The Fray and Train were great. Pat from Train brought out Isaac (The Fray) and Matt to do a song with him. They were a great trio. So fun.

On Saturday we had a late lunch with Ashley’s brother for his birthday then she and I got ready and headed to Phillips Arena. I’ve been a huge fan of boybands all of my life. New Kids on the Block were my first celebrity crushes (especially Joe) but I never got to see them in concert. To say I was looking forward to this show is an understatement. The openers were Nelly (omg!) and TLC (so emotional).

The Main Event Nelly

Nelly was very high energy and performed all the songs we know and love. The crowd was loud and really into him. I’m so glad he was part of this tour.

The Main Event - TLC

TLC was so fun to see. When they started singing songs I can remember from my childhood it felt like we were stepping back in time. They did a beautiful tribute to Lisa at the beginning of Chasing Waterfalls. It was so lovely and well done. Even for her parts of other songs they had a track of her singing. I loved that.

The Main Event - New Kids on the Block NKOTB

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. These guys. NKOTB were fantastic. Dancing and moving all over the stage. Their vocals were great. They did old and new songs and I don’t think we stopped singing the entire time they were on stage. There was a cute wardrobe change camera as well as a couple of other fun things. Joe did a solo of Sweet Dreams. There was shirtlessness and a lot of it was such a blur because I was so excited about finally seeing them in concert. If you get the chance you need to go!

The Main Event - NKOTB Quick Change Cam

The Main Event - NKOTB Jordan


My next concerts are Sam Smith and FOB. Can’t wait!

So how was your weekend?


North Cackalacky


A couple of weeks ago I went to visit my friends in North Carolina. I flew into Charlotte on a Thursday and stayed until Monday. It was the first time I’d seen most of my girls in almost a year, and even two years for one of them. It was a much needed and revitalizing long weekend.



We drove to Wilmington and spent a lot of time on the beach, a first for me in years. One of my sweeties is having a baby in August so we threw a baby shower one night too.

There was some great local food. We even woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise then walked to a place for delish breakfast after. The next day I had the yummiest stuffed french toast!!


Another of my ladies is on a roller derby team! It just so happened there was a bout (game) there that weekend so we attended. It was a first for me and such a blast! I almost want to get in on the action. Aside from the fact that I’m a whimp.


It was such a great time! I can’t wait to go back soon.