recent shopping haul


Last week I placed an order with Forever 21. I intended on just getting a couple of thin shirts for summer. I feel like I wear the same outfits every week but I didn’t want to spend a ton on tops I’ll wear for a few months. Of course I picked up some jewelry too because it’s impossible to resist.



This is one of those bracelet/ring things. I’d been looking for something simple like this but did not want to pay an arm and a leg since it’s not something I’ll wear daily. I love how dainty this looked when it arrived.


These earrings were purely because of the banana pair. My Harry Styles is showing. Also, who can resist a set of earrings labeled as “fruit salad studs”?? Nobody, that’s who. They were unexpectedly much cuter than I anticipated, especially for the price.



These triangle earrings caught my eye right away. They are a little funky, but not too funky to wear to work. The studs and ear cuff were a random “I’m trying to be cool but I’m totally lame” purchase. I thought it would be fun for upcoming concerts I’m attending. I’ve been trying to accessorize more and step out of my ‘norm’.

In general I wear all silver jewelry. Growing up my mother did not mix her metals and I was taught that it just isn’t done. Psht. whatever. I mix and match stuff all the time now. I didn’t have anything gold and ‘simple’ so I snagged this necklace for that purpose. I’m actually wearing it today and it’s super cute on.

I tried on the two blouses I bought over the camisole I wore as part of my outfit yesterday. I will definitely have to wear something under this chandelier top, and I do kinda like that yellow beneath it. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the tie, but I do like the look of it in person and on me. Thumbs up, forever 21. I wear cropped trousers to work most days and I think this will be really cute with those. For reference, I almost always buy an XL in Forever 21 PLUS tops. I’m a 38DD with shoulders on the broad side and a bit of a tummy.



This top is actually what started my whole order. I’d been meaning to buy it but didn’t want to only order one thing because of shipping. It’s a bit longer than I’d like but I figure there will be some shrinkage when it’s washed/dried. Plus it probably seemed that way in my mind since I’d just tried on the other shirt before this one. The fabric is soft and thin. Bonus, it’s also a bit of a One Direction reference. My fangirl issues are showing.

Moving along!

Last weekend (as mentioned in the previous post) I did some shopping. The majority of it was for my upcoming travels but some of it was deals I came across by happenstance. Those are my favorite kind of shopping trips, to be honest.

On Friday I stopped in Belk to pick up some foundation at the Clinique counter and then wandered over to the clearance shoes.


These Steve Madden boots were regular priced $109, which I’d probably never splurge on given they aren’t something I could wear with everything. But every fall and winter I search for boots that are a little above the average design and I never allow that splurge.

But look how flipping cute they are!!!


I debated on whether I wanted to pay the $65 sale price or not. Sure, it was cheaper than their original sticker price but still more than I wanted to spend since I had other things to pick up.

And then when I was walking around in the them a sales girl stopped and said “Those are so cute, aren’t they? I wish we had them in my size. They are an additional 50% right now.” Hold. The. Phone. She didn’t even have to say anything else. I just took them off and shoved the box at her. Bless. So yep, I got them for 50% off of $65.


Also got these Steve Madden’s for $20 something due to clearance and additional 50% off. Successful shoe day was successful.


Saturday I went to Shoe Carnival to look for something specific. If I’m being honest, the new One Direction shoes. OMG I am sorry, please don’t judge me. I didn’t realize this would turn into a 1DAF post. Anyway, SC was having a BOGO sale, as they often do. I got these navy keds for $30, which was a decent enough deal. They were exactly what I was looking for. (No, I did not buy the 1D shoes but I did try them on and snap a picture.)

















My trip into Old Navy was equally fruitful. 50% off on these shorts, and the tops were on sale as well. I plan to wear them while I’m in Charlotte next week. I don’t usually wear shorts but it’s been extremely hot lately and oh hey, stepping out of my comfort zone some more.

I love the geometric pattern selection they had going on.



So, when was your last shopping spree? What’d you buy?




spinach obsession

egg white omelet

I’ve started eating egg whites for most every breakfast. Usually I mix them with spinach and at times, other random veggies. It’s my favorite things currently. I had been in a cereal and oatmeal rut and since I’m trying to change things up and watch my sugar and carbs…egg whites it is. The spinach started out as a “I really need to get some more iron into my diet” but then I realized how much I liked it in eggs. I’m now obsessed. It’s a fast fix in the morning when I’m trying to get out to door and to work.

spinach and egg whites


Check out that little Old El Paso Stand n Stuff soft tortilla. I know this is still carbs but bread can be so heavy at times that I’m doing this instead. I’m really trying to get back in the habit of eating healthier and working in more vegetables.

roasted squash chickenWe’ve got lots of yellow squash and zucchini coming in from the garden. So much so that we’ve been having it for dinner nearly every night and for lunch, and we still have had to put some in freezer bags. This is not a bad problem to have. Our tomatoes and such haven’t really started producing anything we can pick yet but it should be soon. We also planted a couple of pepper varieties, eggplant, cucumbers, green beans, and a few different herbs. I really wanted okra but got outvoted because it’s “hard to maintain”. Fresh veggies are one of my favorite parts of summer.


I did 4.5 miles on the treadmill on Saturday while watching Sense & Sensibility. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but our treadmill is in the garage which is both good and bad. The heat is terrible but it does make me sweat more so that isn’t completely a bad thing. Sunday was lazy though. My mother and I continued our season 2 watch of Pretty Little Liars. It’s her first time and she has fifty million questions I refuse to answer. I’m waiting to watch season 6 until she finishes the rest of the seasons. I can’t wait to see what is happening on new episodes.



Last Thursday I started reading It Starts with Food. I’ve been taking notes for future reference and will probably post about it on here and my book blog. I’m fascinated by what I’ve read so far and I’m hoping I can get more of my family on board with it.

Look how cute this dress is!!! I know this is completely random and not related to anything else in this post but I had to share. Forever 21 has cute reasonably priced clothing. I really wish my local store stocked their Plus attire. I can wear ‘regular’ sizing in some brands but I don’t even attempt it with F21. Their stuff is teeny but so cute. Ordering online is always hard because you never really know what size to order, depending on how an item fits.





Modcloth and Vines

Guest of Honor Dress in Vines By Effie's Heart

I should probably start changing it up when I pose for a picture.

This is the dress I wore for my office party. After reading the reviews I sized up since it’s 100% cotton (which I LOVE). I think it would be great with a petticoat or crinoline under it! The belt that comes with it is pictured on the website to be worn tied in the front but I wasn’t feeling that.

Also, the dress has pockets! Ya know, in case you get overly excited about that sort of thing like I do.

dress: modcloth

cardigan: target

shoes: shoe carnival

necklace: charming charlie

IMG_7826After my regular work hours I added Mac blacktrack fluidline gel liner and Mac Viva Glam Rihanna 1 lipstick and lipglass.

Little Rad Riding Hood goes to lunch

Mod Cloth Little Rad Riding Hood This is the outfit I wore to my work luncheon with board members. Totally professional, obviously. I paired it with a blue tee and red cardigan because of her blue dress and her (duh) red hooded cape. I felt like it was boxy when I got dressed so I added a belt I had from a dress. IMG_7721 IMG_7643

Look at the cute detail at the bottom of the skirt! BONUS: It has pockets as well!Little Rad Riding Hood tee: old navy

cardigan: old navy (fan the flames)

skirt: modcloth

tights: old navy

boots: modcloth

necklace: I can’t remember!!

a few of my favorite things

Mac Viva Glam Rihanna A few weeks ago I went shopping with my mother. A new Belk and Mac counter opened a month or so back so I finally checked it out. While looking at red lipsticks (because the five or six I already owned weren’t enough, obviously) the girl working suggested I give the new Viva Glam Rihanna 1 a try. I’m so glad she did! The lipstick I’d been looking at originally was pretty sheer (Cockney), but I was wanting something that wasn’t like my usual Russian Red since it’s matte and dries my lips out. At first I was only going to purchase the lipstick and then she layered the lipglass over it and WELL. Guess what came home with me!? I bet you’ll never get it right. Mac Viva Glam Rihanna The lipstick has a bit of a iridescent, gold shimmer to it at different angles. BUT THE LIPGLASS SPARKLES. It’s soooo pretty. I’m wearing the lipstick alone on the left and the lipstick with lipglass on the right. IMG_7556 I can not stop listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989. Even during my Christmas baking and candy making sessions. Tay Tay all the way! IMG_7555 Lately I’ve just been throwing outfits together, I’m not even going to lie. Random colors and what not. This mustard and white striped top is a standby on mornings I don’t want to think about my wardrobe too much. It’s super soft and comfy but short sleeve. I throw on a cardigan (from Old Navy) and call it done. Please ignore my wrinkles. I’m kind of embarrassed to even post this photo. Oh, but the part I love about this is my necklace from Venbead!! It’s an old bullet casing with a hand blown piece of glass. It’s the coolest. I’ve had it for a while and wear it pretty often. I get a lot of questions and compliments. IMG_7569 Cookie baking machine, am I! Last year I posted the M&M cookie recipe my family has been using for years. It produces a crispy cookie, which I’m not crazy about. This year I talked the family into trying something different. I’m using this recipe from Averie Cooks. It’s super simple and makes nice soft cookies. I make my cookies smaller than her recipe suggests. They are so yummy! I’ve made a third batch already, making them both with and without the chocolate chips. IMG_7543 A few weeks ago I had my hair done. I finally did something I’d been wanting to do for a while. Violet low lights/streaks/whatever you want to call it. I love it. A lot. I had colored it myself, a darker color than I intended, to cover my gray a couple of weeks before I went into the salon for this. So it didn’t turn out as visible as I’d have liked BUT I plan on doing it again once I can get my medium brown back. IMG_7542 My favorite part is someone will say “oh you colored your hair red!” and then as soon as the sunlight hits it they gasp “it’s purple!” The tone of the color makes it easier for me to get away with having an ‘unnatural’ color at work since I’m in an office. 17738217 I’m currently reading, Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs, a book I downloaded from NetGalley. It’s part of a series (which I haven’t read) but I was in the mood for a Christmas novel. I’m 60% done and really enjoying it. It’s a light read and has some pretty fun characters. That’s about it, I think! Just a few things I’m currently enjoying.

Me and my gnomies

All Eyes on Unique Dress - Gnome print by Retrolicious

We are having potluck lunch in my office today. My contribution was Corn Casserole and this cute outfit! I paired it with a red cardigan to make it look full on Christmasy but I’m hoping to find a dusty blue cardigan to go with it through winter. I also wore gray tights and a pair of dusty blue flats.

All Eyes on Unique Dress - Gnome print by Retrolicious

Look at those cute details!!! I can’t deal. OMG DID I MENTION IT HAS POCKETS?! A dress with pockets is like winning the lottery.

Dress is by Retrolicious and the style is named “All Eyes on Unique”. I’ve heard rumors there are other patterns and I just made have decided I need them all! I absolutely love the fit of this dress. I’ve lost weight recently and I feel like this show cases that but it also helps hide my problem areas. Win win.

All Eyes on Unique Gnome Dress by Retrolicious

I couldn’t help myself. I added a jingle anklet. At least people will hear me coming!

Tights and Lucky Ballet Flats

Outfit Deets:

dress – ModCloth

cardigan: Old Navy (color: fan the flames)

tights: Old Navy (had for a while)

A hippo and an elephant walk into a bar

I love wristlets and someone posted a link to the hippo one on twitter. I had to have it.


Except then I discovered the elephant one too and ROLL TIDE!

This little dude is perfect for spring! It’s a cross body, just the right size for a phone and maybe some lip balm and cash, I.D. or check card. One of my favorite parts about it is– it’s cloth, not fake leather.


I purchased all three at Charming Charlie

{Fashion and Makeup} Peach!

It’s a rainy day here so I’m a bit bright to push away the gloom. Went peachy today. 

Outfit: Skirt, Tee, and Sandals from Old navy (all from last summer), Bolero jacket (couple of years ago) and Bracelet (last week) from Torrid, Necklace (a month or two ago) from Charming Charlie 

Bracelet from Torrid

Necklace from Charming Charlie

Different lighting than the other pictures

Mac Ravishing lipstick with Mac Evolution Revolution lipglass

I will come back and edit in my products list when I’m home. I can’t remember the names of anything right now. Womp womp womp.