LA and Hawaii

Remember that time I went to Hawaii and never posted photos? Well, you probably don’t remember because that was during the time I wasn’t blogging much and after my trip to NJ/NYC in September 2016 I didn’t do much in the way of posting. Crazy on my part really when you consider I took a two week trip to freaking Hawaii! On Friday night when I posted the previous entry I realized this little fact and decided to rectify this situation. I wasn’t really sure how many pictures I should share but here we go, we’ll see what happens…

My trip started out in LA, where I spent a couple of days doing a bit of touristy stuff, Grauman’s being my favorite. I took tons of pictures of hand and footprints but I’m only sharing my absolute favorites. I’ve always been a huge fan of Paul Newman so I made it my mission to find his and Joanne’s first! Then I had to find the Harry Potter cast, obviously.

We also went into Madame Tussaud’s because I’ve always wanted to check it out. I really hoped I’d have time to go when I was in NYC the month prior to this trip but there was just so much we wanted to do that we vetoed the idea. I was hoping to see the *NSYNC wax figures but they are obviously less popular now and weren’t in residence. Which makes me wonder…where do the old wax figures go when they stop displaying them? They did have a Justin Timberlake but my photo with him is less than stellar so I’m skipping it here. However, it’s probably on my Instagram.

Adele. Obviously.

After getting on the cruise ship in Long Beach California we spent four very long days sailing across the Pacific. We had five ports of call, then four days of sailing back to Long Beach. The following are just a few random pictures from my iPhone and the camera.

when your feet hurt and you take off your shoes because it’s a long walk back to your cabin and the ship is rocking

When packing for this trip I decided not to take my Canon DSLR with me for fear I’d get sand in the camera body or lens, or worse, it would get broken completely. In hindsight, I do kind of wish I’d taken it, but the point and shoot we had along for the trip did a pretty excellent job!

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

The botanical garden was gorgeous! I wish we’d had more time to wander around because there were parts we didn’t see. One of the coolest things was the orchid garden. They had many different types and colors of orchids. The way the garden was cultivated made you feel like you were walking through a forest because you were surrounded by trees and flowers so lush and thick you could hardly see the sky.

This is the place we had lunch at during our excursion in Kauai. I had a pulled pork sandwich and while I don’t usually eat pulled pork it was amazing. If I ever win the lottery I will fly over there just for this sandwich.

Wailua Falls Kauai

Honolulu as we set sail

This is quite possibly one of the most humbling experiences ever. Aside from the 9/11 pools I have never felt so moved by something. We were part of a tour and I think everyone was touched by seeing the Pearl Harbor memorial. The only sound was that of the water lapping and wind blowing. Every once in a while you’d hear someone whisper or the shutter of a camera but that’s it. It was a rainy day, which seemed appropriate.

National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific

The water was gorgeous every where we went. This was at the edge of Front Street in Lahaina (Maui). We walked up and down the shopping area for several hours. It was a beautiful day there.

Had to look for Commander McGarrett, right?! Sadly, we didn’t find him. This area of Honolulu was beautiful! The only thing about taking a cruise to all of these places is you just don’t have enough time in each of them, especially when you take cruise excursions. Don’t get me wrong, those are great when you don’t really know what to do in a new place, but they are also restrictive. Most excurisions leave the ship around 9am, you board a bus and are taken to your destination, given a few hours for the excurison then taken back to the ship. Some places just require more time than others.

big turtle!

And if you’re interested, I vlogged while on the trip and there are some things that you just have to see in video to appreciate them.

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