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Last week I placed an order with Forever 21. I intended on just getting a couple of thin shirts for summer. I feel like I wear the same outfits every week but I didn’t want to spend a ton on tops I’ll wear for a few months. Of course I picked up some jewelry too because it’s impossible to resist.



This is one of those bracelet/ring things. I’d been looking for something simple like this but did not want to pay an arm and a leg since it’s not something I’ll wear daily. I love how dainty this looked when it arrived.


These earrings were purely because of the banana pair. My Harry Styles is showing. Also, who can resist a set of earrings labeled as “fruit salad studs”?? Nobody, that’s who. They were unexpectedly much cuter than I anticipated, especially for the price.



These triangle earrings caught my eye right away. They are a little funky, but not too funky to wear to work. The studs and ear cuff were a random “I’m trying to be cool but I’m totally lame” purchase. I thought it would be fun for upcoming concerts I’m attending. I’ve been trying to accessorize more and step out of my ‘norm’.

In general I wear all silver jewelry. Growing up my mother did not mix her metals and I was taught that it just isn’t done. Psht. whatever. I mix and match stuff all the time now. I didn’t have anything gold and ‘simple’ so I snagged this necklace for that purpose. I’m actually wearing it today and it’s super cute on.

I tried on the two blouses I bought over the camisole I wore as part of my outfit yesterday. I will definitely have to wear something under this chandelier top, and I do kinda like that yellow beneath it. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the tie, but I do like the look of it in person and on me. Thumbs up, forever 21. I wear cropped trousers to work most days and I think this will be really cute with those. For reference, I almost always buy an XL in Forever 21 PLUS tops. I’m a 38DD with shoulders on the broad side and a bit of a tummy.



This top is actually what started my whole order. I’d been meaning to buy it but didn’t want to only order one thing because of shipping. It’s a bit longer than I’d like but I figure there will be some shrinkage when it’s washed/dried. Plus it probably seemed that way in my mind since I’d just tried on the other shirt before this one. The fabric is soft and thin. Bonus, it’s also a bit of a One Direction reference. My fangirl issues are showing.

Moving along!

Last weekend (as mentioned in the previous post) I did some shopping. The majority of it was for my upcoming travels but some of it was deals I came across by happenstance. Those are my favorite kind of shopping trips, to be honest.

On Friday I stopped in Belk to pick up some foundation at the Clinique counter and then wandered over to the clearance shoes.


These Steve Madden boots were regular priced $109, which I’d probably never splurge on given they aren’t something I could wear with everything. But every fall and winter I search for boots that are a little above the average design and I never allow that splurge.

But look how flipping cute they are!!!


I debated on whether I wanted to pay the $65 sale price or not. Sure, it was cheaper than their original sticker price but still more than I wanted to spend since I had other things to pick up.

And then when I was walking around in the them a sales girl stopped and said “Those are so cute, aren’t they? I wish we had them in my size. They are an additional 50% right now.” Hold. The. Phone. She didn’t even have to say anything else. I just took them off and shoved the box at her. Bless. So yep, I got them for 50% off of $65.


Also got these Steve Madden’s for $20 something due to clearance and additional 50% off. Successful shoe day was successful.


Saturday I went to Shoe Carnival to look for something specific. If I’m being honest, the new One Direction shoes. OMG I am sorry, please don’t judge me. I didn’t realize this would turn into a 1DAF post. Anyway, SC was having a BOGO sale, as they often do. I got these navy keds for $30, which was a decent enough deal. They were exactly what I was looking for. (No, I did not buy the 1D shoes but I did try them on and snap a picture.)

















My trip into Old Navy was equally fruitful. 50% off on these shorts, and the tops were on sale as well. I plan to wear them while I’m in Charlotte next week. I don’t usually wear shorts but it’s been extremely hot lately and oh hey, stepping out of my comfort zone some more.

I love the geometric pattern selection they had going on.



So, when was your last shopping spree? What’d you buy?




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