baby, you light up my world


Last week I placed a sticky9 order because I decided to jazz up my filing cabinet at work. It already has a set of Hello Kitty magnets on it but I wanted something more personal too. I did pics of friends, family members, pets, other random things that are personal to me in some way or another. I plan on ordering more in the future and eventually covering the cabinet.


skinnytaste glazed pork chops

For dinner on Sunday I made these teriyaki porkchops with pineapple salsa from the SkinnyTaste cookbook. Let me tell you, I don’t usually eat pork, with the exception of bacon, but since these were a special request I made them. I am extremely glad I did. They were delicious! But to be honest, I’ve never made something from Gina that I didn’t enjoy. We paired the chops with roasted squash and garlic mashed potatoes.


Yes. Yes, I am going to see One Direction in concert. I feel as if this is the beginning of the end. I love their music and I know a good bit about the guys but I’m afraid this will push me over into the massive fangirl pit. I am ok with this. My ticket arrived this week and I am not ashamed to say I squealed when I saw the envelope in the mail. The bonus is I’ve always wanted to go to Boston.

fresh peaches


The orchard close to my house has peaches, peaches and more peaches. They are a great place to buy from and always have the tastiest apples during apple season. One of the things I love about them is they also offer real fruit slushies when you stop by. These peaches are absolutely delicious and last night the kitchen smelled so good. If you have an orchard near you I highly suggest checking it out.



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