a salad and a bowl of yogurt walk into a bar

Yeah. That’s all I’ve got. There is no punch line. I just couldn’t think of a post title.

Yesterday evening I hit the ellipitcal and treadmill hard and I ended up having to ice my tailbone because it was giving me trouble after. Hmph.


For dinner last night I roasted baby bella mushrooms, asparagus, sweet peppers, and zucchini spears and put them on a bed of salad that had a mix of tomato, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower. I also topped it with italian dressing marinated chicken strips. It was so amazing in my mouth. Oh, and that hunk of bread is actually a wedge of brie wrapped in crescent roll.

I had a doctors appointment for blood work this morning so I had to fast. That doesn’t really bother me at all because I’m not a late night snacker. I do love breakfast though so last night I cooked myself a spinach and egg white mix to put on a multi grain english muffin with a slice of canadian bacon for after my appointment.

egg whites and spinach

I was disappointed that I’d gained some weight since I went to the doctor three months ago. I go in waves of being really aware of what I’m eating and exercising, to slacking on both. Seeing that scale was a slap in the face though. I’ve had a bit too much ice cream in the last month or so. Plus, I stopped taking some meds I’m sure were helping me to lose weight. Anyway. We live, we learn. I’m back on that eating healthy, exercising wagon.

oikos zero yogurt

For a morning snack I had a little bowl of mango with some Oikos triple zero peach yogurt and a little protein granola. I really love mango but it’s kinda high in sugar so I try to limit myself on eating it daily. It was so yummy with that peach yogurt though. I really love this new Triple Zero! It has a good bit of protein, which I’m always looking for since I don’t really eat a lot of meat.

For lunch I had the same salad as last nights dinner because it was so good. And I just realized my dinner plans include a salad. I’m going to turn into romaine lettuce! No exercise today though (yes I realize what I said a few paragraphs back). I’m going to get an adjustment at the chiropractor and need to give me tailbone a rest for the evening. Back at it tomorrow though!



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