Weekend recap


Saturday morning we took this guy to the vet to have his ears rechecked. A couple of weeks ago he had an ear infection (pretty common for him) and the vet wanted to see him again. Things looks so much better, even deep down in his canal when she looked with the camera. She packed his ears with meds again, just to make sure everything completely went away and we headed home. He’s such a good car rider, unlike our other dog. Turn on the A/C for him and he’s happy.



Had a bit of a lazy, junk food filled weekend. I did some cleaning but after that my mother and I started season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, which is a favorite of mine. While season 5 of Pretty Little Liars was airing my mother started watching with me halfway through. She had a million and one questions so I suggested we just start over from the beginning. I was pretty excited about it when we began watching Saturday night. It’s my first rewatch of the series and I forgot (and recalled) so many things.  She, of course, asked me a lot of questions and I kept responding “just keep watching” because I knew when certain things were going to take place. I love hearing her theories but I have managed not to give anything away.


Sunday morning we started again and watched all day. There are so many things I forgot happened so early on. I want to read the books, even though I know they differ from the show. Maybe that is something I can do this summer. I’m curious to see what twists and turns the books take that the show did or didn’t.

We had chinese food for dinner since neither one of us wanted to stop long enough to cook and clean up the kitchen. I stayed up too late but I really enjoyed it. You know how when you’re watching something it starts getting to the good part just when you need to turn it off and go to bed? Happens to me every time! I’m already planning my week around watching. I can’t wait for my mother to get caught up and to start season 6 with her.

So what’d you do this weekend? Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? 

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