Pull My Southern Card


I’m going to admit to you, dear internet, that I am a bit of a “different” southerner. There are certain foods and beverages that are southern to the core and when I tell people I do not like those items, people look at me like I’ve lost my sense. I find this kind of fascinating and funny.

Sweet tea. Or tea in general really. With the exception of something like Earl Grey or mint tea. Sweet iced tea on a summer day? The quintessential southern drink. It’s just not my drink of choice. Tea has this weird aftertaste I just don’t find palatable. I can’t put my finger on what that flavor is but I don’t like it. I’ve spent probably half of my life uttering the words “no thanks, I don’t drink tea” because around here you don’t even have to specify you want SWEET tea. It’s assumed. If you want unsweet tea, you’d have to say so. I feel like this is relevant for a lot of people:

Good ol’ banana pudding. Now, I feel like I need to clarify this one. The kind of banana pudding I’m talking about is the one made with stove top cooked pudding that I don’t like. Especially if it’s still warm from being cooked *gag* I will eat the version made with instant pudding and cool whip (yes, yes I did say cool whip). The cold kind, as I called it growing up, ya know? I like it. But most people I come across that are very into their traditional nanner pudding gasp when I tell them this. “That’s fake nana pudding!” well I’m here to tell you, it’s the best ‘fake’ anything I’ve tasted. So I’ll take more.

Pinto beans and pork BBQ. I could go on and on. All ‘southern’ foods I don’t like. Now a meat loaf or turnip greens with hot sauce…I’ll take those! Which is funny, because I get a lot of surprised looks when I say I love meat loaf. What’s not to love? It’s practically a burger. I’ve even been known to make a meatloaf sammich or two.

I’m digressing. So here’s my question, what regional foods are popular where you’re from or live but you don’t like?

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