Sweet stuff.

Have you tried these? Because if you have not you really need to. I can’t even keep the bag near me because I won’t be able to stop eating them. The perfect blend of tart and sweet.

My mother is forever looking at recipes on facebook (as am I, if i’m being honest) and came across this one on a favorite blog of hers. My mother doesn’t really care for cherry anything but I love it and she made it because she loves me. Ok, that’s not the reason she gave me for having made it when I asked. Our conversation was more like this: But you don’t like cherries… to which she replied, I know, but it looked like it would taste like a cherry cream cheese danish and I wanted to try it out. Well ok then. I’m happy to report it did taste like a danish and it was sooo good. We have decided we need to make it with other pie fillings (can you even imagine it with strawberry!? I can not). If that happens I’ll report back.

These cookies. I doubt I’ve met a caramel ‘thing’ I haven’t liked. We loved these so much we’ve had to go back for more at the grocery store.

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