Burgers and Breakfast

I love alliteration.

Diamond BurgersOn Monday my mother was diagnosed with bronchitis and is feeling pretty yucky. Even after getting two shots and a prescription from the doctor she felt even worse yesterday. So for last nights dinner I made these Cheesy Party Burgers from KevinandAmanda.com since they’d been on our short list of must try meals. I’m not going to lie to you, I was skeptical of the ingredient list but they looked so tasty on Amanda’s [name twins!] blog post that I had to know if they tasted as good.

Well internet, let me tell you, they do taste as yummy as they looked–possibly better! I left out the sesame seeds because my mother has a stomach issue and seeds make it worse but I don’t know that it made a huge different in flavor. I brought one for lunch today and I’m watching the clock so I can scarf it down.


the first time I made this casserole was Christmas morning.

While the burgers were in the oven I put together our favorite breakfast casserole to have for the rest of the week. I always make this casserole with just 1 pound of turkey sausage but this time I also substituted the 8 eggs for all egg whites. I am going to admit to you I was nervous about how it would turn out but there wasn’t a need to be. It is just as delicious as the other times I’ve made it. It’s such a staple for us. Next time I want to add something like veggies. Maybe fresh baby spinach or peppers.

What recipes do you use over and over because they are quick to prepare or turn out well?

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