Mama’s Day

I don’t spend a lot of Sunday’s at home, not in the last 8 months or so at least. Not since Man Friend and I started spending so much time together. I had dinner with his family Saturday evening and then we played cards until late, to celebrate Mother’s Day. Yesterday I stayed home though. I accomplished a lot but I felt like I did nothing. Isn’t that weird? Does anyone else ever feel that way?

nutella in crescents

I’ve been seeing this whole “a spoonful of Nutella wrapped in crescent rolls” on Pinterest for a while. I thought Mother’s Day was a great reason to try it. Um. You should try it too because it is a-freaking-mazing. Like, I wanted to eat all eight of them and let everyone else fend for themselves when it came to breakfast. I seriously just unrolled these bad boys from  the can, drop a tablespoon-ish of Nutella on the widest part, rolled them up and baked them per the package directions. Heaven in your mouff! Go. Try. And then report back to me how amazing it was. I’m thinking peanut butter and a slice of banana would rock too. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

strawberry cake strawberry buttercream

The local strawberries have started rolling in and we’ve been buying them like they are the last strawberries on planet earth. Ever. They are amazing and sweet and incredible though. Only thing is, the seeds kill my tummy when I eat too many (which is, let us be honest, all the time). We had some macerated in the fridge and I decided to use them for a cake and butter cream frosting. Pretty much all we do is cut them up and then use an old fashioned potato masher to squish them a bit. My mom adds sugar but these are so good it’s not necessary. Pop them in the fridge and all the juices start creeping out and YUM. I poured it on ice cream last week, then I had strawberry shortcake another night.

ANYWAY, after I baked my Duncan Hines strawberry cake I let it cool for a few minutes. Then I took a wooden spoon and poked holes all in it before spooning some of the glorious strawberry goodness on top. Put the whole shebang in the fridge to chill (I love cold cake, am I weird?). I used Wilton buttercream mix because I’m lazy and we had it on hand. Instead of milk in the frosting mix I used more strawberries. It took more than the usual amount of liquid but lemme tell you– best thing I’ve put in my mouth in a while.  Half the cake is gone and there was just three of us eating on it.

And just so y’all don’t think all we had was sweets yesterday… There was a smoked pork butt and smoked chicken, black bean and corn salad, potato salad, cole slaw, vinegar slaw, baked beans and rolls. It’s just I didn’t take the time to get pictures of that stuff. I was too busy eating.



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