flash and boom

We are no strangers to severe weather here. I’ve grown up with it. When I was nine years old a massive tornado hit town and destroyed a large part of the south side of the city. That day gave me a deep appreciation for mother nature and all her power. Since then, I’ve been through many a tornadic season. I’m usually pretty calm about it but after April 2011 and it hitting in my ‘back yard’ I am understandably a bit more on guard.

Yesterday we had forecasts of severe weather coming our way. Schools closed early. My office closed early. I knew we were in for a rough ride. The small town I live in is often a direct path for storms moving out of Mississippi into Alabama. Ah North Alabama, you are so cute >.<

The Puppy Girl and I sat in the bathtub once the tornado warnings started rolling in. I’m always cautious during these storms but yesterday I was freaking out. The Boy has a storm shelter at his house and I was about two seconds from taking off and going over since he’d already tried to convince me I should.


I kept in constant contact with loved ones via text, twitter, instagram, and phone calls. It was iffy a couple of times with storms coming through back to back. We lost power and still don’t have it (I’m currently at work) but no damage, thank goodness. As I was driving in this morning I saw trees down and houses with roof damage. We have more storms moving in this afternoon but meteorologists are speculating they won’t be as strong. Phew!

I hope everyone is staying safe and weather aware and prepared. These storms are pretty wide spread and highly dangerous.

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