hoppy easter (a little late)


I spent a fantastic day with friends on Sunday. My family doesn’t usually do anything big for Easter. It’s been years since we have, so when he invited me to his family gathering(s), I jumped on the chance.

We spent hours on 42 acres of beautiful property in Tennessee. Good food, good company, kids running around chasing bugs and frogs. He and I sat on a balcony, taking in the distant noises and the companionable silence. We almost fell asleep just before it was time to eat.

The kids were getting restless and wanting to hunt eggs.

happy easter day!

I wish I’d taken more time to snap random photos instead of just taking it all in. I guess it just gives me another reason to go visit his aunt soon. Now that she’s told me to come back ANY TIME, I’ll be taking her up on that offer.




How did you spend your Easter holiday?

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