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Last week we picked up two very large containers of strawberries. Well, I’m only one person and couldn’t eat them before the berries got too ripe. I decided I needed to do something with them and found this amazing Fresh Picked Strawberry Muffin recipe from The Domestic Geek. I baked up a batch last night and let me tell you, they were so yummy! I had a few mishaps, which was totally user error and not the recipe. For example, I may have poured my very cold milk into my very warm melted butter and it got a little lumpy. I also don’t think I mixed the batter enough before scooping it out into my pan. You’d think I’ve never baked a thing before. They turned out well though! It’s definitely a recipe I want to keep using in the future. I’m thinking I may need to buy some fresh blueberries next!


Today I started my morning off with vanilla shakeology mixed with peanut butter and a banana. This is pretty much my go to breakfast lately. This stuff isn’t the most tasty, I won’t lie, but with some stuff added in I really enjoy it. The bonus I’ve found is it has done great things for my energy level all day long. It’s a bit pricey but well worth it!

Every Wednesday we have staff meeting at work. The office has been super cold the last couple of days because our boiler unit has been shut down for the summer. I ended up having to make mint tea to warm myself up. This is the part where I complain about how cold it is outside and how it should be SPRING AND WARM. We had snow flurries yesterday morning. SNOW. FLURRIES.

photo (1)

I usually work through lunch, meaning I sit at my desk and eat because more often than not someone will knock on my door it’s closed. I guess I sorta know what it feels like to be a mom and not be able to go to the restroom on your own. (I do have a coworker that has actually followed me into the restroom to talk business before.)

salad for lunch!

I’ve been making some variation of Gina’s black bean and corn salad for a few years now. We love it (and so many other Skinny Taste recipes) during the summer. It’s one of those dishes that gets even better after it’s been in the fridge over night. For lunch today I put it on a bed of salad and cut up some grilled chicken. It was incredibly tasty! Sadly this picture is terrible, but since I only took one because I was so hungry and wanted to EAT, this is all you get. Maybe I should start using my camera instead of my phone more often?


And finally, I had to share this because it’s so cute. A friend at work picked this up for me. Sticky notes and stickers as well as a pink glittery ink pen. Target, y’all! They always have the best Hello Kitty things.

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How is your week going so far?

5 thoughts on “sharing some tasty things

  1. thedomesticgeek says:

    Thanks for sharing my recipe! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    I love the stationery, I’m a complete stationery addict. I have post-its everywhere of every shape and color. I agree that this weather is crazy, I’m so ready for Summer.

    • Mandy says:

      Thanks for posting it! I came across it at the perfect time. I’m having the last muffin today and I’m kinda sad about it lol

      I love stationery as well. It’s so fun. Yes! Bring on the hot temperatures.

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