snow and ice

IMG_6820the most precious boy there ever was or ever will be. I love my baby boy.

We were supposed to get snow and ice yesterday so my office was closed. But we never got said snow or ice. So I sat at home all day, waiting and wishing I wasn’t wasting a day when I could be working.  I waited and waited because they kept saying “it’s coming. it’ll be here soon.” Well boys and girls, they were WAY off. It was said to be moving in yesterday morning but noooope it was late in the afternoon when we finally got it. Or more like, late that evening when it was already starting to get dark and I could have worked all day and made it home just fine. (Me? Bitter? Nuh uh.)


Today I spent another day at home because when I got up this morning HEY LOOK AT ALL THAT SNOW. This is my unamused face, y’all.


Granted, it’s beautiful, but I’m so over winter and ready for spring it’s not even funny. We don’t get snow here, as I’ve mentioned previously, so for it to come so late in the season…I’m not a happy camper. It’s melting quickly but I doubt I’ll make it into town and to my office (which is NOT closed today–when there is snow on the ground). I can’t imagine how crazy I’d go if I frequently got stuck in the house because of winter weather. I know it’s common in a lot of states, but I’d go crazy.


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