The southern part of the state had a small bit of snow and ice in the forecast, but it turned out the meteorologist missed a large something or other. Central Alabama was slammed suddenly and people are stranded and such everywhere.

It didn’t do a lot here but I had coworkers that live a few counties away and they weren’t able to make it home. One of them is pregnant and she had to stay at her mothers house here. The snow we received was dry, so even if we’d had enough, snowmen wouldn’t have happened. Sad times.

Well, unless you are me and ready for Spring and mostly SUMMER. I’m so ready for warmer weather. We rarely have super cold temps here but it’s been a incredibly cold this winter. My birthday is in a week and as a kid I always wished it was during one of the summer months so I could have a pool party *sigh* The struggle.

“Snow” always makes me think of this scene in White Christmas. Man I love that movie.

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