Since I bought my first camera (film), I’ve always carried one around with me. It’s just been this this thing I need with me. Sort of an appendage now; like my smartphone (yeah, sorry, I’m one of those people). I went from a Canon 35mm with zoom, which loyally attended a lot of amazing concerts with me, to a digital point and shoot, then a another larger point and shoot, to my Canon T3i.

My friends were aware of this obsession I had. If someone wanted to take a photo of something, everyone turned to me, because they knew I had one. And for someone that hates getting their own picture taken, I was quick to stick my camera in another persons face. The one thing I rarely did though, was take photos in public. Unless of course it was a picture of friends/with friends.


I often wanted to pull out my camera and snap a shot of random things, but I rarely did it. I was always afraid other people would look at me funny, or ask what I was doing. Don’t even think I’d dream of taking one of a random stranger especially. I know I’ve missed some fun pictures due to this shyness.


After years of this little quirk of mine, I realized that very few people would even notice me taking pictures. Plus, if they did, most wouldn’t really care. What?! Say it isn’t so. Yes, indeed it is.

These days I carry two bags almost everywhere I go. My heavy camera bag, and my purse. I still have random moments of not taking my camera out for fear that people will think its odd, but for the most part I don’t think about it anymore. Yay!!

Do you have any odd quirks like this?

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