I have been wanting to purchase a calorie tracker of some sort for quite a while. I was leaning toward something like a Garmin HM because it looks more watch like and I could USE it as a watch too.

After starting to notice people posting things about Fitbit/Jawbone/Nike+ Fuel bands I got curious about THOSE as well. I asked people on twitter to see what devices were most mentioned/loved. A close friend mentioned having a Fitbit and I did ‘research’ on which model I thought would work best for me.

When I say I did “research” I just mean I looked at specs between all of the Fitbit options. I really wanted something that I didn’t have to connect to a computer in order to sync my stats, since I don’t have internet at home. Also, I wanted something waterproof, not just water resistant. I don’t expect I’ll be wearing it to swim but on the off chance I forget to take it off of my wrist when I shower, I didn’t want to ruin the thing (it’s not cheap, after all).

The only wrist option that let me have both of those features is the Flex™ Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband. And as an added bonus (I used my infomercial voice when I said that) you can switch the band and buy it in colors. SOLD.


I purchased mine through Verizon Wireless because it was 10% off when I ordered it Tuesday. It arrived yesterday and I charged it after work so I could start using it first thing this morning. I’m really curious to see my stats over time. It’ll help me to see what I’m doing/not doing. I’ll feel like I’m being held more accountable when it comes to exercising. I believe that once I can actually SEE how many steps I’m not taking in a day, it’ll make me move more, which is what I really need.

Do any of you have heart rate monitors or exercise tracking gadgets? What is your favorite thing about the one you have?

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