Merry Christmas to ME!

While Christmas shopping I noticed Photojojo had some really awesome deals floating around. I didn’t own any of their products but I’m looked at them multiple times. Lots of things I wanted! Last week I placed an order for the Phoneography Starter Kit and The Deluxe Pope Up Flash Bounce. My order arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to tear into it!!


OMG SQUEEEE DINOSAUR!!! I’ve known that with each order they add in a little dinosaur so I can’t even lie and say I wasn’t almost as excited about THAT as I was about my new goodies.




This is a really cool gadget! I have always disliked the way a flash washes out photos but sometimes the flash is necessary if I’m taking a picture in a low light area, etc. But when that photo is of a person, it makes them look really odd and BOO for that. This attaches to the top of the camera, where an external flash would connect. It bounces the light off of the ceiling or wall to keep that from happening.


This is the Pocket Spotlight actually came as part of my Phoneography kit though on their website it doesn’t include it (it includes the Phone-o-chrome Filter Slide instead). The Pocket Spotlight is…well…a light. I never use the flash on my iPhone much for the same reason as I dislike using it on my camera. On the Photojojo site there are some awesome example photos of what this little guy can do.

ImageThe macro and wide angle lens is what I was most looking forward to in the kit. Taking close up photos with iPhone can be iffy. I’ve very rarely had them turn out well and that bugs me because I love macros! I think the wide angle aspect will be super helpful too. Sometimes you can only back up so far when taking a photo, ya know? I can’t wait to play with this.

I also received the Photojojo University Photography 101 certificate within the Kit. I’m pumped about starting that and learning tips and tricks not only for photography with my camera, but my phone as well.

New toys are always fun! Did any of you buy yourself something for Christmas?

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