{Things I Love} ModCloth

I’ve never really been a dresses kinda girl. Skirts are iffy but easier because I find them more comfy than a dress. But the past few days I’ve been really wanting something cute and swishy. I online shopped and picked out a few dresses I loved and had Boyfriend vote on them. 
I ended up going with the one he liked best because it’s simple and easy to wear year round, I think.
It will be cute during the cold months paired with tights and a cardigan and then with sandals and no cardi in summer. I like the gray especially since I’m not a black wearer when it comes to ‘tops’.
I’ve been perusing Modcloth ever since I ordered the dress and they shipped it. They add new merch daily.
Wouldn’t this be an adorable outfit?! I’m such a fan of polka dots, especially black and white. I’m thinking, white tee tucked in, under the sweater? Some cute ballet flats.

I also really like this little dress too. It could be great for all seasons, as well. Once I know if the gray dress fits, I might consider ordering this one. I really want to start putting more effort into my work attire since I actually do work on my makeup. It’s silly not to do the entire ensemble.

Back during the summer I posted an entry about a pair of Hello Kitty ballet flats I bought. I picked those up from Modcloth but the gray dress will be my first clothing. I’m pretty psyched!

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