{Nails} Christmas gathering manicure

This evening my step dads family is gathering for Christmas at one of his nephews families houses. We play dirty santa and eat snacky type food. Earlier this week I realized I had a few holiday-ish maincures I wanted to do but time got away from me. I did this last night, thinking I’ll probably change to something else sometime next week.
Please ignore my terrible painting job. I hadn’t cleaned it up yet when I took the picture. For the red polish I used Zoya “Sooki”. It’s a gorgeous creamy red.

Wow I need to use some cuticle cream.

I picked these decals up from Sally Beauty for pretty cheap. Almost forgot I had them I bought them so long ago. I was curious because I’ve seen a lot of different brands making something similar. They apply pretty easily, like a sticker actually. I wouldn’t use them all the time but I would consider them for holidays and fun nights every now and again. I like the way it looks like brush strokes and rhinestones on the nail. Really looks like a painted nail art.

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