{Makeup} Eye of the Day – Call me Bubbles

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to consider this my look for the prompt challenge. I guess it’s summery but it could be a little fall too… Hm. What do y’all think? I believe it’s a good candidate since the products I used were part of a Mac Cosmetics summer collection. Plus, bright orange! More than likely I’ll do another one this week. Thanks for checking out my look!

I started out with a thin layer of Urban Decay Original Primer Potion. I love this stuff… but one thing I learned way back when is, you have to use it sparingly. If you use too much, blending out your shadow is tough.

After that, in the inner corner I used Mac “Full of Flavour” from the Call Me Bubbles palette  [Shop Mac/Cook Mac collection]. I brought that color over into the center of my lid and up into my crease using a Mac 239.

On the other half of my lid, blending out from the center onto the outer corner I used Mac “Brash” also from the Call Me Bubbles palette. I really love this color. It’s sort of coppery and metallic. I’m a big fan of metallic makeup. I also brought the color up into my crease a little. I used a Mac 239 for this shadow as well. I’m a big fan of that brush. I love it so much that I own more than one.

In my crease I used Mac “Fresh Daisy” from the same palette. Applying that with a Sigma E70.

Then I touched up the colors on my lid, to make sure that any of the Fresh Daisy that might have fall onto Full of Flavour and Brash was taken care of. I then used Mac “Call Me Bubbles” from the palette as a highlight color. Love how it’s frosty! I used my trusty Sigma E50 for that shade.

I completed my face with the Mac cremeblend blush in “Optimistic Orange” [Shop Mac/Cook Mac collection]. Unfortunately, my full face photos didn’t turn out. It was a little cloudy and I couldn’t get any good natural light.

Here’s a rundown of everything I used:

Moisturizer: None
Foundation: Neutrogena “Skin Clearing” liquid foundation in “Nude”
Blush: Mac cremeblend blush in “Optimistic Orange”
Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original) – eyes
Mac “Full of Flavour” (inner corner to middle of lid)
Mac “Brash” (middle of lid to outer corner)

Mac “Fresh Daisy”

Highlight under brow:
Mac “Call Me Bubbles”
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on liner in “Bourbon” (bottom)
Maybelline Great Lash in “Clear
(top) Clinique High Impact mascara in “Black”
(bottom) Clinique Bottom Lash mascara in “Black”

Burts Bees Lip Balm [I’m obsessed with this stuff]

Eye Lid: Mac 239 brush
Under brow bone: Sigma E50 Lg Fluff brush
Foundation: Sigma F80 Flat top synthetic kabuki
Concealer: Sigma F70 Concealer brush
Face Powder: Sigma F20 Large Powder
Blush: Mac 109 brush

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