{Makeup} Haul: Beauty From the Earth

Beauty from the Earth does a weekly “Color of the Week” deal. A full size jar of loose shadow for $6. PLUS, there’s MORE… You get to choose three samples of other shades for free. Last weeks color of the week was “Love Potion #9”

I snapped up the deal and chose my three samples. AND erm, uh, I grabbed one of their mini collections too. Logic: If you’re going to order and pay shipping, you might as well order more than just one thing. Makes sense, right?! 😉

(top) Love Potion #9 and Poolside
(bottom) Meow [hehe] and Isis

Love Potion #9
Poolside (really pretty soft blue)
Fall in Aspen mini collection


All three of these are gorgeous and sparkly! Can’t wait to try them out.

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